To: Anyone Looking For A River Adventure!

From: My balcony sailing down the Amazon River towards Manaus, Brazil

Dear Friends,

Pack Your Bags: 

There are a few essentials you’ll need to pack if you ever plan a trip to the Amazon River. One for sure is some outdoor clothing that needs to be sprayed in advance with Deet bug spray. Second, is a good pair of binoculars. And finally, a media card with plenty of storage for all the amazing photos you won’t stop taking. 

I have always dreamed about venturing to this part of the world. Maybe it was watching the classic African Queen that gave me the feeling of drifting among crocodiles under low-hanging foliage as you pass primitive villages dotting the Brazilian rainforest. 

For most folks the Amazon brings a sense of danger. I can assure you that your passage on this body of water will not come with the fear of poisonous blow darts, spears, piranhas, or anaconda snakes. What it will offer is a mystique of adventure and activity that may seem foreign to your everyday lives. It will reward you with a sense of purpose and compassion for those less fortunate. 

My Compass Points ToManaus, Brazil 

The only way to Manaus is by plane or of course by ship. This amazing river is over 4,000 miles long and its width can range from 6 to 30 miles during rainy season.  Most of the small luxury cruise lines such as Seabourn, Regents, or Oceania navigate these waters during the summer months. Most ships make the “U” turn at this city and head back. Manaus is a city of 2 million people and shouldn’t be your focal point for visiting because the real adventure lies on the water… 

Your River Map: 

My first stop was the exciting city of Rio De Janeiro. Be sure to plan a few extra days here because there is so much to see and do. I highly recommend the classical and legendary Copacabana Palace named after the popular beach, which is perfectly located across from it. Who knows you might also rub elbows with the rich and famous! 

While in Rio, you can visit many of the sights you have read about or seen in movies. Your days will be curated with a visit to Christ The Redeemer, the beautiful aerial views from Sugarloaf Mountain and Morro da Urca, and certainly a drive through the Favela area of Rio. End your day with an energetic night at a Samba nightclub. 

Your next stop will be the city of Recife before you arrive at Belem where the Amazon meets the Atlantic Ocean. Here you will enjoy the picturesque canals and brightly painted colonial buildings of its old town. 

As your ship transverses the river you’ll make stops at interesting small villages like Boca Da Valeria and Parintins, where you’ll meet the locals, get up close to sloths and toucans, see traditional dance and folklore, hike through a rainforest, and have the experience of swimming with “boto” the unusual pink dolphins. 

Your final port will be the city of Manaus. This small city is the home of the historical opera house. Hopefully, you are there during one of the amazing rehearsal sessions. Another activity you’ll experience is the “on-the-water” visit to the meeting of the rivers. This is the only place in the world where the Rio Negro and Amazon Rivers come together.  You will witness the distinct side-by-side contrast between the warm, black, Rio Negro and the cold, brown Amazon.  An amazing sight!

Anchors Down: 

Traveling the Amazon is like an adventure on steroids. Every turn and twist through this incredible river will have you hanging over the balcony in a picturesque moment. The indigenous people of the Amazon are warm and appreciative of your kindness as you help support their welfare. And for the record, I don’t recall even one mosquito bite. So, go and enjoy this part of the world and see what lies on the other side of the equator! 

Wishing You Safe Travels,